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MinusMarket Portfolios

This subscription provides access to suggested portfolios of stocks that have been outperforming the market and that we expect to continue to outperform. Several different portfolios are provided for a variety of requirements.

The subscriber agrees to the Detailed Terms and Conditions and understands our portfolios suggestions are not a recommendation to buy or sell securities. We are providing an opinion about these securities. Every subscriber is free to use the information for managing portfolios but may not disclose the information. Subscribers are responsible for all investments decisions and past performance is never a guarantee of future performance. We are not a Registered Investment Advisor and cannot provide investment advice.

Two different subscription levels are available. The Personal subscription is for individuals who would like to use these portfolios for their own investments.

The Professional version is for Investments Advisors who would like to use these portfolios in their business. This version also provides a Portfolio Calculator that simplifies the task of managing a large number of portfolios. The advisor enters the portfolio value, the percent to be held in cash, and several other parameters and it calculate the number of shares required for each stock and the hedge if one is used.

MinusMarket Portfolios:
Personal Edition

  • One month trial period: $10
  • Monthly subscription after trial: $100 per month
  • We use PayPal for processing monthly payments

MinusMarket Portfolios:
Professional Edition

  • One month trial period: $10
  • Monthly subscription after trial: $250 per month
    (plus a fee based upon portfolio assets)
  • We use PayPal for processing monthly payments

Portfolio Workbench: Bloomberg Professional Terminal Version

This subscription provides access to our Portfolio Workbench software. After subscribing, you will be directed to a web page on which you can download an installation package that you will then use to install the software on your computer. The software will continue to operate so long as your subscription is active. This software requires a computer running the Windows 7 (or later) operating system with a broadband connection to the Internet for downloading the required stock data.

  • This version is available only to users of the Bloomberg Professional Terminal. If you would like more information on this terminal, see:
  • Users of the Bloomberg terminal can subscribe to the Portfolio Workbench App by entering:


on their terminal. That will bring you to the panel shown below. You can then click on the Purchase or Preview buttons.




Other Platforms

For information on getting the Portfolio Workbench functions on other platforms please contact us.